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This is the first of a series of interviews with some of our fantastic female tech specialists.

What super power do you use at Hero?

I am a Frontend Developer.

What lead you to discovering your tech/coding-based powers and what qualifications have you attained to develop these powers into super powers?

I was just 16 years old when I discovered my love for coding, after attending a technical course of informatics. I later went on to study for a Bachelor of Information Systems where I had the opportunity to develop my interest in the subject.

How did you get into tech/coding?

In a technical course of informatics when I was sixteen years old.

Have you always been drawn to coding/tech?

Not always. I didn´t always have access to computers, but after my first contact with technology I started being more and more attracted to this subject!

What would you say is the most empowering thing about your tech-life?

I´m always learning new things and the fast pace in which things are happening and evolving in the world of technology is a very cool thing to be a part of.

Is equality an important quality within Hero Gaming and your team ?

Yes! It is easy to see just by the number of women on my team. I’ve never worked with so many women before and I think that’s great!

Have you encountered any problems being a super-women in tech?

Unfortunately, yes. Some people think that women aren’t capable of coding. When I was a student I worked on a project with a male colleague. My professor gave all the credit to my colleague, even after both of us told them that we divided the work. I also had to hear things like “This is good, did you do it alone or did a man help you?” and “Women do not know how to code”.

Where do you see your powers in this industry taking you in 5–10 years time?

I’m not quite sure, but I would like to learn more and more and become a technical leader someday.

What do you think would make more young girls/women aspire to get into tech and/or coding?

I think that the problem is very deep and requires a change in mindset globally. Usually, back home in Brazil, there is a lot of stereotypes like only girls play with dolls and boys with cars. Young girls are not made to believe that they can do anything they want, it’s just the classical “grow up, get married and run the house”. I think this is a big reason why girls and women don’t choose a career in tech or in a male dominated field. We need to remind young girls and women everywhere that they can be engineers, astronauts or programmers if they want to.

The problem is deep and requires a change in mindset globally!

Ana BrandaoFront-end Developer