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Hero Gaming is about to take gamification through the roof. And the name on everyone’s lips will be Casino Heroes 3. You will be drawn into an action filled fairytale from the very first second you enter the new casino. All characters, from the Heroes to the King and the evil Bosses have been given more life by deeper storytelling and mesmerising artwork.

How do you give a casino a makeover?

From Idea to site worthy

The stages between an idea from a product owner to an implemented update in the casino is a journey filled with challenges. Similar to the Casino Heroes adventure, it is both fulfilling and rewarding to see what all parties involved have accomplished.

Here is some insight into some of the steps to releasing new product at Casino Heroes. When an idea lands on the UX team’s desk, they must consider what limitations and options the existing Casino Heroes framework presents them with and create a concept with this in mind. In collaboration with developers, product owners and business analysts the idea is refined into a concept that is possible to bring to life.

The next step is to generate a wireframe for the concept, that is delivered to the developers and quality assurers. After this, the user interface process starts, and this requires well-planned and coordinated teamwork between the UX team, Art, Content, Analytics, and even further refinement from UX along with product owners and the business analysts. Once the artwork and content are delivered, and valuable insights are received from the analysts, it is time for the developers to enter the fray, adding all the pieces together before the end product can be launched.

Some might think that at this stage the product is done, but the process is close to never ending. The Customer Support team and data analysts will provide valuable insights from customers and from following user behaviour which leads to further refinements, improvements, or changes. Sometimes we have to take our ideas back to the drawing board. It is a harsh reality, but only the best ideas survive at Casino Heroes.


Teamwork has been a significant factor in the development of CH 3.0. And the one and common goal is to give players the best experience. All our departments are interconnected and excellent teamwork allows us to achieve the best results. For Hero Gaming it is very important to have most, if not everything, done in-house. Therefore, all Heroes collaborate closely together, both across departments and country borders.

In the age of the internet, you might think that working across country borders should be a walk in the park. Most of the time it is, but there are moments when just a small rock on the road can have a significant impact and complicate things. Just consider what would happen if the Wi-Fi were to shut down. A Skype call won’t even be possible. Or if somebody gets sick, or is occupied by other deadlines? This will halt crucial information being exchanged, leading to difficulties and potential delays. But don’t worry, we did it! It is coming soon, and it is called Casino Heroes 3. Why ‘3’ you may ask? Three adventures will be introduced on which you can play on in parallel.

What’s new?

When you visit the new casino, the first thing you will notice are the visual changes. But behind the visuals, there have been countless refinements to keep a world class standard. Due to this, the codebase has been completely re-written, giving a drastically improved performance, speed, and general user experience. The new codebase also gives Casino Heroes the possibility to constantly be amore agile when delivering new features. So be sure to expect an array of things happening in the future. But for now, please be patient and look forward to the most remarkable revamp of a Casino about to launch this August.

As a new customer, you will have onboarding to the casino where you will gain a wide understanding of what Casino Heroes is all about. The story delivered by the Content team is taking you deep into the history of the Hero Islands, and you will also get an understanding of why the evil Bosses are the way they are. By giving the avatars and characters more personality, they come alive in your imagination. All of this is again set to life by the Art team, who have created beautiful and immersive surroundings where the story takes place.

Another substantial change is the focus on mobile, and getting a seamless experience regardless of what platform is being used. Players are moving from laptops to mobiles and tablets, but there are still a lot of players using laptops, and even all three of the platforms. To tell the truth, the challenges have been hard and many. But the Heroes have, to a great extent, come up with a solution for every issue.