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Speedy Spel is proud to announce its main sponsorship, together with Studio Padel, of the Speedy Invitational Padel competition.

It is no surprise that Padel is by far the fastest-growing sport in Sweden. New Padel courts keep opening as the interest continues to rise. Last year, Speedy Spel sponsored Anna Åkerberg – one of Sweden’s best women Padel players. This year, Speedy Spel is stepping up as the main sponsor of the 2021 Speedy Invitational  Padel competition with the elite athletes from Sweden and around the world.

We are a Swedish company and a large employer in Malmö. Therefore, it feels important to us to support what we consider to be the new generation of folk sports in Sweden. Our goal is to make Speedy a popular brand that stands for being a modern gaming company where you see games as entertainment. But we also want to give back by placing a greater emphasis on our contribution to the Swedish society, says Georg Westin, founder of Hero Gaming (Speedy Spel).

The fact that Speedy Spel wants to be a key player in the industry when it comes to Padel, but also contribute to the development of this sport in Sweden, was what made Padel Studio interested in the collaboration.

Many brands are starting to grow interest in Padel, and it only feels natural that the gaming industry is following along. The arrangement with Speedy’s investment in Padel was the decisive factor for us. It would have been easy for them to continue building their brand around games, but they are changing their course and are focusing on pushing the sport forward. We want our partners to generate added value for our viewers. The fact that Speedy is now focused on lifting Sweden’s Padel by, among other things, supporting Anna Åkerberg and at the same time developing an app that will help find good gaming partners for us amateurs, made us feel that this competition fits right in with Studio Padel, says Niklas Edin, founder of Studio Padel.

The next step for Speedy Spel will be to continue supporting the growth of Padel  in Sweden by sponsoring events and the best players, but also to  make it possible to bet on Padel in the near future.

We think that Padel is a fantastic sport that can help improve public health – and it will also be a fun sport to bet on at Speedy Spel, adding  a new element of excitement when watching games with the best players. The event we’re sponsoring together with Studio Padel is incredibly well organised and it is an honour to be associated with the best within this sport and with the people behind this incredible event, says Georg.

The event, that is taking place on the 5th and 6th of March on Padelarena Frihamnen (Gothenburg), will be the largest and the most well-known event that Studio Padel has ever carried out and participated in. Apart from World Padel Tour’s own competitions in Båstad, no one in Sweden has had a similar line-up.

Sainz/Gonzales, Lamperti/Yanguas and Stupazcuk/Ruiz are some of the players participating.

Having Speedy as one of the main partners was crucial to making this possible. We hope and believe that the impact and attention will be huge in Sweden but also in Spain, as all games will be streamed with Spanish-language commentary, Niclas concludes.


Contact details:
Georg Westin
Founder of Hero Gaming (Speedy Spel)
+ 46 707 85 69 40