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On top of our commitment to define, strengthen and develop the culture at Hero Gaming, we are investing in our employees significantly – exemplified by the training we give them.

Our Heroes have diverse blended learning opportunities to expand their skill-sets by doing what they need to do to grow and develop. This is achieved through coaching, online learning or attending well renowned courses and workshops run by top industry professionals.

Why are learning and culture so close to one another?

Culture is really all about how we learn to treat each other, how we learn to work together, the pace we set and how far we want to grow and how much we want to win.

These have been some of our main focuses at Hero Gaming over the recent months. We’ve shared great discussions that have brought people together to learn from each another and about each other.

Managers from all levels participated in numerous high-impact exercises, assignments and group discussions to improve their bonds and align their leadership styles in a free-flowing dynamic environment. They’ve had the platform to express complex ideas, developed their skills and thought up practical ways of integrating Hero Gaming’s core values into our daily work-life.

By empowering a strong and tight management group that can bolster our teams with the company’s core values, Hero Gaming has ensured its managers can embrace and foster a loving, daring and winning culture to reach new heights. The positive impact that this buildup has had, has been immense. This was reflected on how successful we have been in our strategy to launch our successful new brand – Speedy Casino. With the release of this latest website, the Hero Gaming team have once again proven their strong aptitude for creating, innovating, and prospering, just as a Heroic team would do.

#LoveDareWin is the motto we live by at Hero Gaming. We love what we do, dare to be innovative and win by doing what we believe in. The iGaming industry is one of the most fast paced industries in the world and, therefore, staying responsible, agile and open minded is fundamental to our company’s continued success.

Our journey will continue and we are tremendously excited about our growth!