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Our Heroes surely and truly showed how to make the most out of Madrid. The trip was a treat for all our Hero employees as a sign of the appreciation and gratitude we feel towards each and every one of our Heroes’ dedication and endeavours. And Oh my, was it a feast of joy and diverse activities in the cultural and pulsing Kingdom of Spain.

One cloudy February morning in the lord’s year 2017 the Heroes of our dear Malta office gathered to commence their glorious trip to magnificent Madrid. They had set their eyes to meet up with the long, lost Heroes of Malmö on a well-deserved voyage. Whilst suitcases were stowed into the valiant vehicle heading for the Luqa airport, they saw how the sun’s rays quietly, but firmly, sawed themselves through the clouds as blessing their unifying journey. With sparkling eyes and tickled tempers, our Heroes set off to greet the great capital, but not without being handed a marvellous mapping of the days to come and some extra coins to set a golden frame to their trip.

They were greeted by the art deco building that some might say is the most beautiful in this city of great architecture and was luckily the chosen hotel of the Heroes, where they settled in awaiting their other (better?) half – the Malmö office.

At 9 PM sharp, a slightly nervous and becoming crowd stood waiting at the reception of Vincci Capitol Hotel. As new eyes made contact for the first time, old friends exchanged firm handshakes and hugs. Friendly chatter filled the streets of downtown Madrid whilst The Heroes paraded in a gathered troop to Taverna de Mr. Pinkleton, a robust wooden restaurant with bright red painted rotting chairs and thick, cottony table cloths. In the middle – a stage with a wall sized bright flamenco painting to set the proper air. Expectations were high as was the mood.

This first joyous night and its wine tasting with tapas and genuine Spanish live flamenco dancing was so stunning, that it brought all the Heroes together. Some of them even got to try flamenco themselves! Even though it is not known exactly where in Andalucía the artful, passionate and rhythmic dance of Flamenco actually comes from, it is safe to say that the live guitar, singing, clapping and dancing made the Heroes hearts pound a bit harder than normal. We learnt that Sherry is actually from Jerez, also in Andalucía, Spain and that the original is far more less sweet than the aperitif we have come to know it as. Laughter echoed, toasts were made and the Heroic voyage was hereby christened.

The following day was a day full of speed, literally. All the Heroes were full of enthusiasm to drive at the best indoor tracks in Europe – the famous halls of the Carlos Sainz Centre! The eager racers were divided into groups and the fun part about it was that everyone had the chance to place a bet on anyone who participated in the race! The grand prize would have been a great amount of money – unfortunately no one had managed to place a bet on the big winner of the day but that was fine since everyone was so hyped from the race … and definitely super hungry!

As the Heroes yet again settled in for some zen time at the relaxing hotel, they also started getting ready for the big event of the night: Gala and an award-winning ceremony at outstanding Opium. The atmospheric black décor and glossy surfaces greeted the Heroes who had dressed up in their best party attire. A four-course dinner served on black clothed tables with a shining assortment of glasses and newly polished silver wear filled them up to them brim with food fit for kings! As the night passed along, the “night owl award”, “sunshine award”, “Gordon Ramsey award” amongst other humorous and loving ways the heroes showed they truly cared for each other were handed out. Opium steadily transformed itself from a brilliant restaurant to the celebrated queen of the night it is known as and the Heroes danced the night away…