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Hero Gaming are excited to partner with Culture Amp to launch our new Employee Engagement, Performance & Development Tool, offering us the right platform and analytics to continue delivering an engaging employee experience and a great workplace, where our people can unleash their full potential. By listening to what our people have to say, feeling the pulse of our business and understanding engagement trends we are given the opportunity to shape our future.

Here is what Hero Gaming’s Chief People Office Marie Theobald had to say: “We launched our first engagement tool at Hero Gaming 4 years ago to give us more insight on employee experience and engagement, while gathering essential feedback to assist us in building our heroic culture. At this stage of our journey as an organisation, we’ve decided to move away from bi-weekly pulse surveys and move towards a deeper analysis of engagement through a mix of bi-annual engagement surveys, pulse surveys & deep dives. Culture Amp was the perfect fit to our needs, while offering a strong platform and strong people analytics, we can also benchmark against companies like Airbnb, Etsy and Slack, and get stronger insights on how we can continue making Hero Gaming a great place to work”.

We believe that asking for continuous feedback and making recognizable changes based on that feedback, shows our commitment as an organisation to value feedback and take action when appropriate. Head of Talent & Organisational Development, Andrea Saliba expands on this by adding: “Engagement & Performance Tools should never replace open communication, feedback and recognition. As a People Team we check-in regularly with our employees to understand how they are feeling, discuss any challenges they may be facing and offer our support if needed. At Hero Gaming we also believe in continuous communication on the job and our managers also have bi-weekly 1-on-1s to check-in, discuss performance goals and developmental opportunities. Having said that, the visibility we get through Culture Amp, will help us in improving the many facets which impact your engagement to your role, team, and company, while also track the outcomes of action we take on feedback. Feedback is truly key to make sure we’re supporting our people and business in the right way.”

We are true believers that employee engagement is a marathon and not a sprint. Our people have been a critical element to our success at Hero Gaming, and tools like Culture Amp will enable us to continue achieving our future goals. As an organisation it is important to understand what’s working well for our people and how we can continue supporting them to help them succeed.

Andrea SalibaHead of Talent & Organisational Development