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May 14th, 2019, St. Julian’s, Malta. Eva Johansson and Sam Brown appointed CLO and CCO respectively, completing the C-level structure of Hero Gaming.

As of April 2019, Sam Brown has been signed as the new Chief Commercial Officer at Hero Gaming after working as a consultant for the company.

With a solid 15 years of experience of the iGaming industry, working both B2B and B2C, Sam brings extensive knowledge to the business. He is responsible for all commercial functions within Hero Gaming.

Additional Chief recruits have been made this year in order to complete the upper level management at Hero Gaming.

Eva Johansson was hired in February as Chief Legal Officer, responsible for all legal and compliance related matters.

Eva adds a high level of expertise in her field, which is required especially in the current market scenario. She has worked as a Lawyer in several gaming companies and in-house law firms.

Hero Gaming’s founder, Georg Westin, has taken on the role of Chief Growth Officer focusing mainly on strategic growth initiatives.

After these recent changes, Hero Gaming’s senior management team consists of CEO – Tomas Bäckman, CMO – Mikael Jansson, CGO – Georg Westin, CHRO – Marie Louise Theobald, COO – Matthew Vassallo, CFO – Robert Demarco, CLO – Eva Johansson, and CCO – Sam Brown.

The completion of the C-level structure solidifies the company’s foundation and is a strategic measure to ensure continued business growth and product optimization.