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At Hero Gaming we provide our employees with an e-learning platform, coaching, training and time management tools to incorporate the values Love, Dare and Win in every day work life.

Our culture is loving, winning and daring, and one of the approaches to fuel the culture is a blended approach to learning, which combines the support of classroom learning with the flexibility of e-learning.

All employees, which we call Heroes, have access to a flexible online learning platform available on any device, 24/7. Coupled with on-the-job training and classroom-based education, employees are empowered to evolve on a professional basis.

Hero Gaming has invested in education for all Heroes to encourage them to work on their skills and to nurture their skillset. The workforce is therefore better equipped for future business challenges, while also being motivated to always be the best at what they do!

To optimize the learning opportunity, all employees are encouraged to use Calendar Blocking or The Pomodoro Technique to improve productivity, by installing a task-oriented approach to work.

We strongly believe in providing our team members with the opportunity to take time during their work-schedule to invest in their skills. Our Heroes can follow any live online training, courses, learning paths; while also having access to a library of over 50,000 eBooks and videos across over 38 topics via the e-learning platform.

We have held sessions informing of the functionalities on the e-learning platform and the vast number of benefits of online learning. These meetings have encouraged employees to understand the value of online learning, which became evident as the engaged users of the platform increased by 10.3%. Below are some of the advantages of e-learning:

  • Career advancement and hobbies/interests
  • Flexible schedule and environment
  • Self-discipline and responsibility
  • Continuous learning and self-improvement
  • Learning of specific skills
  • Understanding how to solve problems fast
  • Improving one’s performance
  • Larger choice of course topics
  • Multiple ways to learn
  • A strong network of experts and practitioners

Written by our HR Business Partner – Andrea Saliba