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The world of Marketing is very diverse and offers a wide variety of opportunities that require unique skills. As the industry evolves, different roles and team structures keep emerging which might get a bit confusing for someone starting their career to decide on which direction they want to go. To help you better understand one of the areas in this field, Stephanie, our Head of Acquisition and Market Partnership shared her insights about what this area entails as well as some tips of how to kickstart your career in this field. 


What does the role of Head of Acquisition involve?

The acquisition team work on driving new customers to a website through a variety of marketing channels. This could be anything from TV advertising to online banner advertising to 3rd party partnerships.

As Head of Acquisition, you are responsible for the performance and the spend of these marketing channels, as well as managing the team executing and optimising the campaigns to deliver against the target. If you had to look at a typical day, most of the time is spent talking to people in meetings or doing catch-up calls, especially when being remote as it is very important to keep the communication open and regular.

The role involves chatting to potential new partners; reviewing of performance and spend and planning next steps; partner payments; and briefing of creative for a new campaign.

Therefore, if you want to thrive in this opportunity, you need to be good at building and maintaining relationships across any department internally as well as external partners. In summary, it helps to be a social butterfly, someone who likes to meet new people and likes to talk!

What are the main challenges you will be faced with in this role?

People management is always one of the key challenges, but also one of the biggest rewards if successful. Each person is different, and their needs are to be met on an individual basis.

With companies like this where there are many different cultures/ languages, I see this as a challenge across the whole company and how things are communicated between one another. Tips would be to listen actively, understand and learn about the other person, and to give direct feedback where you can in order to build on that relationship and build trust.

Are there any perks that usually revolve around this role?

With anyone starting a new role, regardless of the seniority, it is always a great opportunity to see things from the outside and see where there are areas of improvement to be made. It’s great to have the opportunity to make some positive changes in a business and take experience from the past to help too.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start in this career?

Marketing is a diverse, creative and ever-evolving part of a business. There are so many aspects to marketing that you can get involved in, so my advice would be to start in a general entry level marketing role, work to understand what parts of the field interest you more and then look at opportunities for growth within your role or look at courses which can help at least with your theory.

Marketing courses, whether free or paid, are always a good chance to learn some basic knowledge that you can then put into practice in your day to day, if your role allows you to.

There are so many varied roles in marketing that it provides opportunities for different people; the creative type, the analytical type, the operational type, the social type, the writing type to thrive in this field.

What are your interests in marketing? What are your strength areas? And what experience do you have? These questions will give you the basis of what role could fit you next.

Stephanie CookHead of Acquisition and Market Partnership