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One very important department within the iGaming industry, is the Risk, Payment and Fraud team. If you love supporting customers and find an element of investigation to be intriguing and exciting, check out what two of our RPF Analysts, Nadege and Denise, had to say about this role and their tips to anyone who would like to kickstart a career in this field.

Can you describe the role of a Risk, Payment and Fraud Analyst?

At RPF, we are responsible for payments-related queries, whilst assisting and working closely with Customer Support and other departments. We pay out winnings and investigate missing deposits and withdrawals. Every day, we contact some of our 30+ payment providers to follow up on missing funds and issues. We also monitor players account activity, including accounts breaching our Terms & Conditions or gaming license requirements, such as using a third-party payment method, logging in from the United Kingdom, etc. In addition, we conduct risk assessments, review Source of Wealth Documentation, investigate players and accounts potentially linked to fraud, abuse, and money laundering.

No day is the same but in summary, a typical day would incorporate the following;

  1. Processing pending withdrawals for all brands and requesting documents
  2. Answering customer support queries
  3. Liaising with Payment providers via Skype and Outlook
  4. Completing our daily tasks which include handling reports, conducting checks, handling open tickets, monitoring accounts, etc.

What are traits that are key to thrive in this position?

Our team has been built very carefully, everyone has their own strengths and passions. A positive attitude is the key to avoiding feeling easily discouraged by any challenges that come your way. You also need to be curious and eager to learn every day, as a big part of our company culture involves wanting to keep improving!

Being a great team player is very important to succeed in this role. We are a wonderful team, culturally diverse  and unique, so  being inclusive  is important when working in an international team. We all work hard together to ensure the best service, and everyone is willing to help each other. You need to be a good communicator so that you can share new information with the team as it will enable the team to keep learning and progressing.

As a team, we love having coffees, snacks, and drinks together – we need fuel to function! We are a very busy and serious department, but we also know how to enjoy our well-deserved off time! Can you relate? 😊

What are the main challenges you will be faced with in this role?

You will be faced with multiple challenges in this role such as fraud rings, payments-related issues, audits and working under pressure, especially  when workload increases due to bonus abusers on new campaigns, for example.  However, the best part of it all is that you can rest assured that you will be able to deal with these challenges together as a team – which makes the job more fun. At Hero, during the busiest periods, there were instances where we’d all be hands on deck so even our managers joined in to help us process withdrawals and handle  chats and even work tickets. Teamwork makes the dream work – cheesy but true!

Are there any perks that usually revolve around this role?

In this role you will get to communicate with different people from different departments, which will help you expand knowledge in different areas of the business. You’ll also be able to build relationships with other teams, learn what they do, enabling you to grow further in other areas of the business as well.

One of the principal perks is also  flexibility. We are quite a big team, and we are given the possibility of swapping shifts between each other. Our managers are very understanding and open to accommodate us as long as the tasks are performed efficiently.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start in this career?

The advice I would give to anyone who wants to start in this career is to be ready to work hard and  keep an open mind.

Having good knowledge of Excel is a big plus for this role, since we receive reports and use excel to keep a record of the information we might need to report back.       One can look into a course specifically for Fraud and Payments, especially if they have no experience yet in the role.

How can they get into this job? How will they know that they will love this job?

You will know that you’re in the right job because at the end of your shift you feel good and fulfilled.

This role is suitable for someone who loves investigating, digging, and questioning what is in front of them. Every day new issues come up, new fraud patterns, new cases, so you need to be interested, focused, and not intimidated to ask for internal and external assistance. We can’t learn our job 100% in a guide, we also learn on the go! New to the industry? Give it a shot, and if you’re willing to learn, you’ll get there 😊

Nadege Lecorne & Denise CentorrinoRisk, Payments and Fraud Analysts